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Halal Frozen Chicken Thigh Meat



Frozen Chicken Thigh Meat

Chicken Thigh Meat

Frozen Chicken Thigh

Weight:: Varies between 120 – 180g

Size: 20-25cm per thigh

Certification: HACCP,HALAL,ISO

Shelf life: One (1) year from the date of production, good state and

must be stored at – 18 Degrees Celsius.

Packing Specification: 10kg/20kg carton with P.E inner liner.

Labeling Specification: Individually labeled -Product Description.

-Product Weight. -Use By Date. -Storage Instructions.

Primary Packing Method: Fresh

Target Net Weight: Approx 20 kg.

Standard Wooden Pallet

Pallet Quantity: 40 Boxes Per Pallet.

Halal Raw

Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted.

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